The blockchain game industry is fresh and growing with unique features, but it's overly focused on in-game tokens instead of strategy and chance. This causes issues like unsustainable play-to-earn models, an emphasis on playing time, and unstable token prices.

There is a misconception in blockchain games. Blockchain provides

However, P2E is about earning money with tokens. But, we play games for fun.

In Hunter Punks Studio Games:

Blockchain games have complex play-to-earn models. The play-to-earn systems in many games can be too much for players and take away from the overall gaming experience. Plus, those models lead to a small group of players holding most of the tokens, making the game less inclusive and less fun since players become more focused on earning tokens than actually playing the game.

Also, games that just reward players for being online all day can lead to addiction and ignore other important parts of the game, like strategy and community building. This makes the experience less fun and results in a one-dimensional gaming community.

Finally, the crazy ups and downs of token prices can hurt the whole industry. Tokens' prices change rapidly and this can lead to huge losses for players who invested in the game's tokens. This shakes players' confidence in the game's ecosystem and might make them leave the game.

Hunterpunks with its unique game model is here to change that:

Hunterpunks is built on the principles of equality and fairness. Every player starts with the same resources and opportunities, and it is through strategy and chance that players can rise to the top.